S a n d y    B o i k i a n 

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Auteur: A filmmaker whose individual style and artistic control over all elements of production give a film its personal and unique stamp.

Sandy's clip for the judges at the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival regarding her nomination for Indie Auteur 

of the Year. She shares her filmmaking process with a little help from Alexa Jansson, who plays Rosalie in her film, 

Fragile World, which has also been nominated for Best Faith-based Film.

“First of all, Sandy Boikian is the kind of conscientious director and producer that anyone would want to work with, producing her original work filled with God-honoring messages of hope and forgiveness. Secondly, she is committed to anything she sets her heart and mind to do. She can work with the shoe-string budget because she is creative and resourceful.”

~ Melea J. Brock, 

Storyteller and Author, Right-Side-Up Stories

“Sandy is the kindest, sweetest, and one of the most affable task masters I have ever been blessed to work with. Her eternally positive spirit and attitude uplift everyone around her & enable her to accomplish anything she puts her mind to.”

~ Jaimyon Parker, CEO & Founder of 

Skeleton Key Productions

Actor/Writer/Director at 

Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles

“I had the pleasure and honor of being cast many years ago in one of Sandy's fabulous plays and fell in love with her right from the start.  She is kind, generous and confident. Her creative acumen has no limits and she can write and direct with a clear vision that is so inspiring.  She will make a 'yes' where there may seem to everyone else to be a 'no' and because of this, she has allowed her dreams of being a filmmaker to unfold. She has won awards and continues to be an inspiration to me and so many.” 

~ Kate Whitney, 


“Sandy Boikian has written, produced and directed three films that reflect her beautiful soul and how she is using her amazing talent for the glory of God. Our Christian media organization, Point North Outreach, greatly respects her for her mission to make outstanding faith films. We look forward to what we believe will be more great productions for audiences everywhere.”

~ Fred R. Eichelman, Ed.D.